It Lives

Tonight, the OASIS OF THE SEAS came alive and welcomed her first guests.

It is a tradition here at the yard to have a small celebration for key yard and contractor employees and their guest. We are grateful for all the work that goes into every ship and like to thank these key people directly. In addition, they often want to show off to their family what they have devoted their working lives to for so long. And so the tradition.

But OASIS is different and called for a different form of thanks. So tonight, OASIS hosted almost 1,000 guests at her first such event. It started with a reception in the Royal Promenade, went to a dinner in the Opus Dining Room and culminated in more partying in various areas of the ship. The party was a great success. Even people who had been working forever on various parts got to see what they had created for the first time. And their guests were suitably impressed. What impressed me most was the crew. Of course, they are all tired. They flew long distances to get here and have been working nonstop since they arrived. And yet, I think they were as pleased as the guests. Clearly, they took pride in their ship and that pride helped motivate them to new heights. The dinner itself was superb. Given that this was the first real meal they had prepared, I would have understood if they had simplified it; but they didn’t. Instead, they offered a beautiful 4 course repast that would have been excellent even from a practiced environment. (By the way, I said “real meal” because they have been feeding everyone for a while now, but that has been very informal meals in the galley.)

One ancillary benefit of the event is that the yard cleaned up all the work sites earlier than they might otherwise have done. And the ship preened for our guests (and I do think a ship can preen). I was very happy.


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  1. Doug says:

    Awsome.. I cant wait til it arrives in Port Everglades in a couple of weeks. I think it speaks volume that RCCL is spending a lot of money for the plant decor in South Florida too.


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  3. Capt Bob says:

    That is such a nice thing to do for the yard. Great way to see how everything works and to start to get the bugs worked out. Can’t wait for cruise #5.


  4. Pichu96 says:

    I wish I had been there… :(
    I have wanted to be on one of Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships my whole life but my family just can’t afford it…but I’ve been able to follow every step of building OASIS thanks to you! I’m going to Miami for thanksgiving and I’m gonna pass by the port so I can see this floating city/masterpiece..! I’m so excited! I would so greatly appreciate it if you can post just a few more pictures so I can see what It would be like to be on the ship when its ready :)


  5. Blondynka says:

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE SOME FINISHED PICTURES!!!

    I am cruising on Oasis with my fiance on December 12th…
    Only 46 more days to go!!!

    Will you be posting photos of the cabins on the Royal Caribbean website like you do for your other ships? I am dying of curiosity to see what it will look like!


  6. Becci Boo says:

    Richard: the key word in your post today is PRIDE! What I, as a cruiser and customer have come to appreciate as the most important aspect of Royal Caribbean’s commitment to its passengers. Pride in the ship you are sailing on, pride in their work and pride in their company is what makes the cruising experience so unique. And my pride as a Royal Champion and RCCL regular is what keeps me coming back. Cudos and I truly cannot contain my excitement. Thank you so much for your daily comments that has raised the excitement level and made me feel a part of your team. Now let’s get her under that bridge and out into open water and on her way across the pond so we can see who she realy is!


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    It is a tradition here at th..

  8. KMT says:

    Thank you so much for this blog! It is so exciting seeing this wonderful vessel near completion and ready to set sail. So fascinating how everything comes together!
    Can’t wait to see the big girl her in the states!


  9. Sami Paskin says:

    You received your first guest, but I’m pretty sure I will be the FIRST PAID GUEST EVEN because I intend to be in the port with a chair (to rest) several hours before oppening hour on Dec. 1st;
    I’m following your blog and all videos and pics Royal are spreading in the site since march when I booked my trip.
    It is GREAT, even FANTASTIC that you also put your hands to do that, not only seating and managing all the things I imagine you do on your daily basis.
    thanks for that exciting news as I’m anger to start this adventure and be part of history.
    Thanks for all those updates.
    Makes everything even more exciting.
    In another matter, I send a letter, hope for he right channels, consulting booking the whole ship (and Allure) for the Olympics, the whole month in 2016, in Rio de Janeiro.
    If it’s feasible, I hope you get my consultation; I’m pretty sure it will be a success, it solves a good part of our demand to new hotel rooms (I calculated it substitutes 15 five star hotels), about 15% of our goal in Rio. So sure I’m preety optimist on rising the financing for this matter;
    Hope it get for the proper staff that wil analyse that possibility.
    Right now, I’m just a guest, hopefully the first REAL one on December 1st;


  10. Joe says:

    Thanks for keeping so up to date, not only all along, but especially these last few days. I am a devoted X cruiser and can’t wait to be on this ship! It is spectacular.


  11. BLOGitse says:

    And I’m happy and proud I noticed the tiny small news about this beautiful piece of art!
    Oasis of the Seas…AMAZING!


  12. RA4FDA says:

    We are booked for the 9/11/10 cruise. It has been booked for over 6 months, with 11 months to go. I guess that tells you something about anticipation and confidence in RCCL. The blog and the videos make me already feel a part of OASIS, and I thank you for sharing with us.


  13. rach92494 says:

    I cannot wait for my trip on the Allure in 2011! It is going to be an experience of a lifetime and can’t help but wonder if this is what the passengers of the Titanic must have felt like? But, they of course did not have the internet to aid them in their obsession. Can’t wait to see more pics, especially of the Allure. Good luck with her maiden voyage, hope you do not encounter any iceburgs or other unexpected (big) obstacles!


  14. dilligad24 says:

    FYI – the ship will be docked in Fort Lauderdale, not Miami


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