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It has taken me five years to write this blog – since we first started thinking about a new generation of ships which will eventually become OASIS OF THE SEAS and ALLURE OF THE SEAS. The idea of doing a blog scares the hell out of me. But I’m excited about the subject and ready to take the plunge. Even this old sea-dog can learn new tricks.

Last week, I got an illustration of how much interest there is in this ship. There’s an annual trade show called Cruise Shipping Miami (formerly Seatrade) which attracts over 5,000 people. The shipyard just finished a cut-away model of OASIS and had it on display at their booth. I hadn’t seen the model yet and when I arrived at the convention center (all 1 million sq ft of it) I asked the security person near the door where it was. He said, “Sure, buddy, just follow the crowd” (he obviously hadn’t been through our service training). And a crowd it was. People were lined up three deep all around the model. I admit it really made me feel good and I quickly asked that the model be delivered to our offices so our staff could feel the same way.


We are now entering the home stretch. After five years of preparation and effort, we are now a mere (mere?) seven months from delivery and I have volunteered to try my hand at writing a blog during these last few months. I have no intention of replacing the normal information our company distributes on Oasis but hope simply to augment it with some personal reflections.

I also hope that I can get contributions from some of the many other people who have been crucial to the design and construction of this wonderful project. In particular, I hope that Harri Kulovaara will be a frequent contributor. Harri is our executive vice president maritime and heads up our entire newbuilding program. He is the leading industry guru on building cruise ships and a key driver of the OASIS project. Also, I will ask Adam Goldstein, Royal’s President & CEO to add his own items.

I don’t want this blog to be a history lesson. I expect to focus on current events, but I’ll share some historical tidbits in an effort to put some of “how we got here” in perspective.

Obviously, I’m excited about the whole project and look forward to sharing that excitement. I can’t tell you how proud I am of the tremendous imagination, inspiration, and perspiration that so many people have invested in making this project so special.

I admit that we are entering uncharted waters (sorry for the nautical pun) with this blog and with Oasis. I’ll do my best, but please bear with me as I learn. And I look forward to hearing your feedback—which I want, but which I know will come with or without encouragement!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I am very excited to be a part of this company…..(RCI)just watching the captured vision of what the final ship OASIS would look like in December is just pure awesome and breath taking…..hearing my fellow co-workers and guests proclaim their excitement and curiosity about certain aspects of this gigantic creature really brings me joy….and I hope to cruise it some day along with my family and friends….


  2. Mike P says:

    The ship looks fantastic, the model looks great. I’ll admit it makes me want to focus my efforts on pushing more RCI as the ship gives me a great story to tell my customers.

    One Question for Mr. Fain: Have you personally flown out to review construction at this late stage? If so, what were your personal thoughts while walking the build?


  3. Tang P says:

    I am proud to say that yes there is a big following ready to see this boat, I have booked a group of 20 of us already for a sail in January. Every time I read more and more about the boat I get excited. Please continue to write your blog and keep us up to date on progress of the ship. After going on the Independence of the Seas, I can’t imagine what this boat will be like.


  4. Capt Data says:

    This will help those of us who could not attend last week. I am going on her for two weeks and would like to know which resturants are pay for ie the the Fish one. I enjoy seafood alot so will it be a pay for item or a standard rate?

    What will be the age/height requirements for the zip line?


  5. PeteL says:

    Thanks so much for entering these waters. Marilyn and I can not wait for Dec 1st. Any chance there will be more “pre” inagural dates available? My boss needs all the heads up we can give him :) )


  6. Bill Carney says:

    I’m looking forward to sailing on this ship – it’s not just bigger than what’s out there, but better.


  7. Arvids says:

    I also am getting really excited to be on the Oasis of the Seas.

    I have met hundreds of people on different cruising boards and the level of excitement is truly unbelievable.

    My wife and I will be onboard on the Dec 5th sailing and we can not wait for the day to get here.

    We normally cruise on our Anniversary date Nov 5th but with the ship going into service just one month from our Anniversary we had to do it and go with the Oasis. I am sure we can celebrate onboard.

    Thanks for the Blog and we look forward to more information as time comes along


  8. Ces says:

    I am writing this from New Zealand and yes, even all the way over here there is tremendous interest in your new ship. We are planning a group trip to travel on her in 2011 and can’t wait to see the finished version. Can’t wait to read more from an insiders perspective.


  9. wadeham says:

    Very nice photo of the oasis model do you have one of the other side. Also do you plan on posting any photo’s in your blog


  10. Hobiecat01 says:

    Mr. Fain, I have been following the development of the Oasis from its first announcement. A group of us (six and growing) are booked on the April 17th , 2010 cruise. Our group meets regularly to discuss our cruise and we just can’t wait to come aboard! As a Platinum members, we are so happy to see this new ship. It also keeps my string of sailing the largest cruise ships intact! We are looking forward to your blog and all of the great information!


  11. Janet P says:

    Hello Richard, I am so excited, I am in the process of booking a cruise on the amazing “Oassis” sailing Jan. 23/10. I will be celebrating my 67th birthday along with my eldest daugher who will be celebrating her 46th, also my best female friend (3 females). I love your website I can’t wait to be sailing on this beautiful new ship. I have saved your Blog to my favourites, I want to read everyones comments. Thank you for starting this Blog, you did a great job, (sorry it took you 5 yrs). Bye for now


  12. Susan G says:

    We have been booked on the Oasis since August (C&A Society) and are really looking forward to Jan 2, 2010. Saw the construction photos (Nov 08) a while back and it really is a masterpiece. Are there any newer photos?


  13. Elizanessie says:

    Hello from Scotland UK

    Have to say the recent photos of the Oasis builders model sent shivers down my spine, fantastic model.
    The photos of it have now filled my Oasis photos wall but always happy to start on another wall for Oasis.

    Cant wait to board Oasis on 1st Dec along with the International Critters (about 200 of us) and like Oasis we have 2 Captains.

    With 2 Flowriders I am guessing you will be extra busy onboard with your Challenge.


  14. Capt Data says:

    Thank you for this blog. (I wasw remiss before about this.)

    My two granddaughters who are coming with me in Aug 2010 want to know if the Merry-a-go around has a seat type thing on it for me as I am disabled (and it would be great if all three of us could go on it!!)? They say thank you as well Sam is 13 and loves what pics she has seen of the teen area, while her younger sister who is 9 loves Kid Avenus.


  15. Alison W says:

    Mr. Fain,my fiance and I are getting married on the Oasis May 1, 2010. We are so thrilled to have your beautiful ship as the venue. It will be magnificent and I can’t think of a better way to start a new life together.


    hazel tester Reply:

    Hi Alison, i was just wondering how have you gone about arranging your wedding on Oasis of the seas?? Me and my partner would like to get married on this ship next year??? Could you email me some details??
    Thanks Hazel


    mckindra Reply:


    Congrats, and also wondering if you could please email me to let me know a contact you reached to arrange this!



  16. PeteL says:

    Thankyou for the way C&A members were allowed to book the first Oasis cruises. I think that system acknowledged the C&A contribution to RCI in a very special way. Will that be done for all of the new ships?


  17. Capt Bob says:

    I hope you guys will put together a DVD on the building of Oasis like you did for the Eagle {Voyager} class. As a stockholder and diamond member it makes me proud of all you are doing. build it and the people will sail.



  18. Grandma Joni says:

    Mr. Fain, first I’d like to congratulate you on stepping of your comfort zone to do this blog! What a great way to get to know you better! I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time how impressed I am with all you have done to bring your visions to life for all of us to enjoy! Second, I’d love to commend you, Adam and Harri for seeing the Oasis journey to reality! This ship is more than I could have ever dreamed of it being when it was only known as “Project Genesis”!!! It’s like the feelings of the Voyager all over again… and I only can imagine how happy you’ll be when she’s launched. ( I wanted to give out cigars when I saw how proud you were at the completion of Voyager..lol). You’ll never fully know how much I rely on RCI and I thank you for letting all of us into your dreams of a new “Nation”. Good luck in all you do!


  19. Kelcie H says:

    Thanks so much for the blog Mr. Fain.
    We formed the first official Cruise Critic group sailing almost 2 years before our sail date of 9-11-2010.
    Our group would love to reserve the Rising Tide Bar for an hour. We’ve already designed teeshirts for the RTB. We are very excited to see the cutaway of the model and try out every venue, restaurant and entertainment area. Please update us frequently, as we still have another 18 months to go for us!


  20. Fred says:

    Mr Fain, thank you for taking time out of your day to blog and share information about the Oasis with us. My wife and I have C&A members since 1993 and we already have two sailings booked on Oasis with I hope one more soon. You can say that we are both very excited to sail on this amazing ship. I understand you are a very busy person but I want to ask if you would be so kind as to post more hi-res pictures of that model… it is fantastic! Along with the online brochure, they would be a great selling tool for me to talk some family members into another “family cruise” this NYE. As they say, a picture says a 1000 words and I know the more they see of this ship, the more they will want to sail. I think that model will make an outstanding selling tool for me. The only other request I have is if we could see more of the cabin layouts/sketches and possibly more public area renderings.

    Once again, thank you for sharing this blog with us and always looking forward to new info RCI can release on Oasis.


  21. SheilaSailAway says:

    Hi Mr. Fain! Thank you for blogging, you are so hip! lol
    We are definitely looking forward to sailing onboard the Oasis, we are booked for two consecutive weeks(9/11/2010 & 9/18/2010), too much to see and do in one week! The zipline and Rising Tide Bar will be my first two stops once we FINALLY get onboard.
    There is a lot of excitement surrounding this ship, can’t wait to see pics of all the cabins…any news on when that might be?


  22. dgwags says:

    Thanks for doing this blog Mr. Fain. I’m just a RCI cruiser and I have to say that for the last few years I’ve cruised from my home port of Baltimore only because while I love to fly I hate the hassle of airports now a days however, as I’ve told my family and friends, the Oasis is the one ship that could get me to fly to another port. I look forward to when I can get to this ship.


  23. Mari Lynne L says:

    Mr. Fain,

    Can’t wait to sail on the Oasis. She truly is an engineering marvel. I am also a member of Cruise Critic and part of the Cruise Critic group sailing on 9/11/10. We are all so excited to try out the Rising Tides Bar. I see that Kelcie has asked if we could reserve the bar for an hour. That would be wonderful as we are a large group and plan to frequent the bar as much as possible. There will be so much to see and do onboard that we might not even want to step off the ship


  24. UkSImonUsa says:

    Thanks Mr. Fain for taking time out of your busy schedule for this blog.

    We are booked on the pre-inaugural, the Labadee Extravaganza and can’t wait.

    Would apperciate any information on the different eating establishments on board, such as which are included and which are an optional pay venue.

    Having started on Sovereign of the Seas, back in 2001, and progressed to Grandeur, then Voyager class, then Freedom Class, it’s really exciting to be booked on Oasis and getting to experience all the new “attractions”

    Once again thanks to you and RCI

    Proud Citizen of the Nation of Why Not
    Almost Diamond + Member 2 weeks away!


  25. Al says:

    When you announced the date of the ship’s inaugural cruise, it was so close to our 50th anniversary (Feb 2010) we decided that is where we would celebrate it.
    Looking forward to a ride on the Zip line.


  26. Deborah Guimaraes says:

    Dear Mr. Fain,
    I am travelling all way from Brazil to Fort Lauderdalde on Feb 06th 2010 with my family and I am counting the days to see Oasis of the seas !!I can´t wait to go on the zip line !I am a big RC fan !I love your ships !Keep posting !


  27. Kelcie H says:

    Hi Mr. Fain,
    I hope you had a great weekend. I know our large group will be hanging out at the Rising Tide Bar quite a bit. Our cruise critic group members are going to be having several parties to explore the ship. Besides prepaying for wine packages, are we allowed to bring onboard a blender like a Margarator to use? Several of our group would like to host suite parties, and of course you are invited to all of them if you are onboard!
    I hope that the next entry on your blog will release more pictures and videos of the Oasis. Thanks so much for starting the blog as a way to keep all of the members of the Nation connected.


  28. pw mooney says:

    Your idea of a blog is a good one. You might want to include photos of the progress at the shipyard as the ship nears completion. Perhaps a “sub-blog” by managers or workers at STX Europe/Finland relating their feelings in being associated with this record-breaking vessel.


  29. nac325 says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Fain ~ not only for the blog but for a great ship. Not only are we C&A members, we also now belong to the Nation of Why Not. I work for a home builder who has cut back on our hours but even in these uncertain times we could not resist the temptation of an Oasis cruise. We’ve pinched and saved every penny and are booked for March 9 to celebrate 3 March birthdays – my 50th, my sister’s 54th, my brother-in law’s 57 and my husband’s 50th in October! It’s hard to imagine it’s bigger and better than the Explorer and Liberty! We can’t wait to see!!!


  30. Starcruiser says:

    As “Oasis” and “Allure” will be sailing from Ft. Lauderdale, near my hometown, I look forward to cruising on them in the near future. Thank you for creating this blog and keeping us up to date on the progress of these wonderful ships. As a cruise enthusiast, I look forward to reading this blog on a regular basis.


  31. Nick P. says:

    Dear Mr. Fain,
    May I congratulate you for making the great overall quality difference in this challenging Industry of Cruise Shipping. Not to forget to mention, you are really the pioneers of building not only fantastic, but also very much environmental friendly Ships! You really deserve our respect and we are proud to sail on so environmental respectful Ships. Looking forward to see the Oasis class Ships, to follow the rest of your wonderful Fleet, also in this important field. Eagerly waiting to see and touch the new floating miracle!


  32. Janet P says:

    Hello Again Richard, it is so nice to see so many comments from everyone on your Blog. Your Blog makes me more anxious to see and sail on the “Fantastic” Oasis. I agree with one of the people that entered a comment, I would like to see some of the cabins with balcony. Being 3 woman together in a small cabin would be pretty crowded. If you let us know approx. the size of them it would be very much appreciated.


  33. Daniel Smith says:

    Mr. Fain,

    Although I am only 18, I have been cruising with your company since I was 4 years old. In essence, RCI and I have grown together.

    You, Mr. Goldstein, and all the others involved do such a great job in maintaining a fantastic brand. Oasis is, in my opinion, an example of the quality of work you all put into Royal Caribbean on a day to day bases.

    Wishing you, the company, and Oasis much success. I support you 100% and am looking forward to the Inauguration of the Oasis of the Seas.

    Daniel Smith


  34. Joey M says:

    I’m so looking forward to my first cruise. Which will be on the Oasis. What better way to get broken into sailing than on the largest cruise ship in the world. I’ve done a large amount of research to determine which line would be the best. RC by far outshines the other cruise lines. I would at this time at least see more artist rederings of the cabins, eating establishments, etc. These have helped to make my decisions on this sailing. Look forward to seeing you all in December


  35. henry18 says:

    Mr. Fain

    I just like everybody is excited to see the arrival of Oasis, and the opportunity to go onboard and sail. There are also others that fear this super mega ship because of the size and weight. It is truly increadible that the sea can hold this humongus ship like the Oasis. Best wishes and success on the company and the delivery of Oasis, as well as the Alure and the other Celebrity ships on its way.



  36. Sam Pinfield says:

    Mr Fain,

    A big thank you to everyone there, from everyone here in the Addlestone office in the UK!!

    Still selling mad and phones are still busy, looking forward to when she finally sets sail!! You coming to the UK for Equinox?


  37. Crew Office says:

    Fantastic! I admire the way Mr. Fein and RCI use the web and communicate. Blogging AND Twitter? Fantastic. RCI is leading the way in web 2.0


  38. Cruiser30064 says:

    Mr. Fain,

    As an avid fan of Royal Caribbean, I am very excited about the launch of the Oasis of the Seas. I hope to sail on her next year. As much as I am excited about the Oasis, I am distressed about the changes to the Crown & Anchor benefits at the Platinum Level. I am passionate enough about this that I wrote a post on Cruisecritic.com. I can’t find your email address, but I wanted you to see it. Here is a copy of my post:

    I could not believe my eyes when I got the email containing the changes to the C&A benefits. I fact, I was ANGRY! I am not rich enough to have cruised 25 times, yet I have done 9 of my 10 cruises on RCCL. I have been loyal to them because of the benefits I get through the C&A Socitey. I have been looking forward to the use of the CL for some time. I am one cruise away!

    Now I feel like I have been abandoned! I feel like a third class passenger on the Titanic, that has just had the stairwell gate locked and am now doomed to go down with the ship. RCCL calls themselves the”Why Not” cruise line. Now, I consider it the “WHY” line. WHY would they infuriate their loyal customers? WHY, in this econimic period, when people are getting tight in the wallet, would they think to alienate their most loyal customers? WHY bother spending my hard-earned money on a cruise vaction with a company that does not value my business? WHY should I recommend RCCL to my friends when they ask me what cruise line they should go on?

    I have been a die-hard customer of RCCL. My first cruise was with them, and it made such an impact on me, that I chose to almost exclusively take my business to them. After that cruise, I fell in love with the Sea and it is my preferred choice of vacation. As an Airline Pilot, I have seen how the policies of managemaent can have a huge impact on customer opinion. Did RCCL management think this would be taken as a positive change? I would think that the number of people, those who have cruised more than 25 times, that this new policy benefits, is far smaller than the number of people it hurts! Remeber the outcry when jetBlue airlines removed pillows from their aircraft? This new policy is a much more drastic measure and should outrage every RCCL passenger who has thought of doing business with RCCL. There’s no point! They appearently don’t want your business. They just care about the richest 1% of their client base!

    I hope RCCL management sees and reads my post. I assume that their customer service department reads message boards like this one. I hope they forward my post to Mr. Fain and Mr. Goldstein. They are smart men…surely they will see the err in their ways??? Do you value my business? Do You?

    Crown & Anchor Member # 105401881

    You now have my member number and surely know my email address. I hope to hear from you. I would like to know more about your reasons for making this change.


  39. wadeham says:

    Hello again Adam, Ithank you for the photos on a cold day. However My wife and I are booked for a cruise on the oasis and we have booked the Sky Loft suite. To date there have never been any photos or even a diagram depicting this suite,it seems to be a mystery. Is there anything that you can do to help us out?


  40. wadeham says:

    P.S. We feel kind of left out.


  41. emerson amparo says:

    i really wanted to work a luxury ship like oasis of the seas. This inspire me to apply in an agency in the philippines and i reaaly hoping to give me a chance to work in the fabolous and unbelievable ship.

    I think so with my vast experiences working in a ship will be my passport to work Oasis of the Seas and a dream come true to me and will be a part of the history.

    Good luck and hoping to be a part of the team!!


    a filipino hopeful crew


  42. Katie says:

    Just got off Mariner where this ship, Oasis, and the vision of you and all the creative staff at Head Office where roundly praised. They are as excited as everyone else. I too am booked in March of 2010 with my 2 daughters, all Platinum members, and we truly are excited about sailing this beautiful ship. Congratulations on your achievements.


  43. curtis mccrea says:

    I love the new Genesis ships, but I wouldn’t go any larger than this. Why not bring back the smaller ships?


  44. Robert J says:

    We just returned from a cruse on Carnival, while fun, the ship we sailed on definitely did not have the amenities that the Oasis has. We have crusing in the blood again, after 10 years away. We saw several Royal ships at port in Cozemel, Mexico and thought lets try that next. After looking at the web site and the photos we were hooked. We booked for December 12 and are now sending your brochure to friends and family to get others interested as well.

    Our family is very excited. It gives something great to look forward to in December! Thanks for the Fire Fighter discount!


  45. Mattie Fox says:

    I think a golf instructor aboard would be a draw. You have a “captive” group with time and money to spare.
    A minimum of space would be needed. Tournaments, practice, lessons and many more activities would fill the days at sea.


  46. the 2 coops says:

    the pictures are just wonderful we can hardly wait for sailing date we have chosen.we have always had a wonderful time on rccl. thank you and the rest of your employees for us


  47. teacherac says:

    hi mr. fain i would like to know how can I apply for the Oasis of the seas.. can you help me.. I am very interested in working for their company.


  48. Maurice says:


    Truly disappointed with your handling of the changes in C/A Club rules re: Diamond members……IF NECESSARY…you should have made changes one year out…this would have given Summer and Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 clients who had booked and PAID for trips a fair chance. After that period they could have decided to sail with RCCL or……….

    Hope your decision does not haunt you!!!.


  49. Jacobus Vossen says:

    Dear Mr. Chairman,
    Congratulations on this magnificent achievement! We (my wife, daughter and grandchild) are taking our second cruise with the Jewel of the Seas on December 11th to Panama. I can’t wait to your guest on the Oasis of the Seas, once she starts sailing to destinations we haven’t seen yet. Our first cruise was with the Serenade of the Seas from San Juan. So been there done that. But rest assured you may count on us as frequent travelers. Again, our sincerest admiration for your vision. Jacques Vossen


  50. amber_evano says:

    I was on board Oasis for the pre-inaugural cruise and was highly impressed. I’m afraid now if I ever want to go on a cruise I’ll be disappointed if it isn’t Oasis. I think any other ship will never compare to one of this magnitude.


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