A Try Out for the AquaTheater

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their comments. When I started this blog I was given all kinds of warnings about the feedback I would receive. All the advice was drivel. I’ve received much more support and encouragement than I would have ever imagined. I’m actually enjoying the chance to share some of my excitement with an informed audience.

Last week we had a unique event. CLIA  (Cruise Line International Association) holds an annual conference in Ft. Lauderdale called Cruise3sixty. It gets a terrific attendance by travel agents from across the county and we used the opportunity to present a small example of what the AquaTheater is all about.

At the Ft. Lauderdale Swimming Hall of Fame, we did a practice show to give an idea of what the AquaTheater will eventually have. The Hall of Fame is very impressive and served as a great venue. About 1,400 travel agents, media and other dignitaries came. We had synchronized swimmers, people diving from the 3-meter board and the 10-meter platform, and even a trampoline artist. Obviously we didn’t have the opportunity to present all of our bells and whistles. No great costuming or choreography or even something as simple as a rehearsal, but the divers, swimmers and other artists were terrific and the crowd was very enthusiastic. If everyone reacted so positively to such an early teaser, I can’t imagine how the final show will be received!


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We do these practice runs for two reasons. First of all, it gives us a chance to tantalize everyone about all that Oasis has to offer. The ship is so spectacular and has so many new features that there’s no way to communicate them all in one easy step. We need to really demonstrate all the components one at time. Since there is nothing like Oasis on land, we have to do it in pieces and in different locations. The second reason for doing it is so that we get a better impression of what’s going to happen. The theater cliché is, “It’ll be all right on the night,” but that only works if you prepare well in advance. And there is nothing like a real event in front of a live audience to make sure it is as good as it can be. 1,400 travel agents may be a more demanding audience than one would like for an early test, but it is a great test and really gives our entertainment people a good insight into what works well and what doesn’t. I came away feeling even better about the concept and I already felt good. More importantly, our audience seemed very enthusiastic about it even though it was such an early sampling.



I also learned a new factoid. The pool in the AquaTheater is so big and especially so deep that it contains more water than all the pools on Freedom of the Seas combined.

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    Sounds amazing! Please try and blog about Oasis weekly.

    When will there be pictures of the real ship up?


  2. crewoffice says:

    It’s amazing. I was recently researching the origins of cruising and cruise ships 70 and 80 years past to present. There has never been anything, all things of the time being equal, to match what you’re building. Even the grand old liners Like the QE, The France and the QE2 did not have an equivalent level of “flash” and facility as the Oasis. At no time in the past has any liner or cruise ship been built with so much …”bling”… for lack of a better word. An Aqua theatre onboard? Where do you even find Aqua theatres ashore? This ship is inspiring awe and excitement in people as if they had never seen a cruise ship before. It’s wonderful. I look forward to seeing more.


  3. Arvids says:

    It sounds as if the Aqua Theater will be a big hit.

    The high platforms maybe a great new place for the Bellyflop Contests.

    As a reigning champion it would be Fun

    Thanks for the new tidbits.

    Anything new is appreciated as we have no clue what to expect.

    Cant wait to sail on December 5th with my friends


  4. treborrv says:

    Booking my trip on Allure of the Seas as I type…can’t wait to get out on the open seas with RC again!


  5. MsAnana says:

    I would love to see a sneak peak of the practice. Let me know if it is open to the public. They look wonderful, keep up the good work.


  6. Crew Office says:

    Did you reject my last comment?


  7. rob says:

    wow this ship and all the things on it are amazing! i have dreams of going on this ship it looks sooo cool!!!…who comes up with these ideas???


  8. Jrandolph says:

    My wife and I are booked in the last cabin facing the rear of the ship and over the boardwalk. I’m wondering if the Aqua Theater is visible from our balcony.
    Can’t wait!


  9. beamse says:

    Can’t wait to go on the Oasis! Me and my boyfriend are planning on going May 2010 to celebrate my graduation from college!! A bit off subject though… I was just thinking next time RCI designs a new ship it would be really cool to have a contest of sorts to see who can come up with the best most innovate ideas that you could add to the new ships! Just an idea, but looking at all of the innovative new ideas you are already bringing to the ships it could be a great idea!!


  10. Donna says:

    We are Diamond Plus members and just booked one of the Aqua Suites on the Allure for April 2011. Funny how when the larger ships came out both my husband and I felt that bigger was not necessarily better. Well after being on the maiden voyage of the Explorer and sailing on the other larger ships and just recently we were on the Liberty of the Seas the larger ships have become our favorite. This is the only vacation that we take that we leave our \work\ home and really get to relax and enjoy. it really is something when the hardest decision you have to make is how to fit in everything you want to do between the next meal or show. With the current economic climate we were concerned that RCCL may cut back on amenities, services, etc but I have to save you are still the absolute best experience for the price and if possible you have even surpassed previous service and expectations. Realy looking forward to seeing pictures of the Oasis when she is complete.


  11. Marianne says:

    Hi. My husband and I along with 3 other couples booked a cruise on the Oasis for October 2010. We can’t wait. I am constantly on the website looking for new information. My husband jokes about it. I may never leave the ship with all there will be to do. I wish we could see the other cabins besides the lofts. We booked a balcony cabin and would like to see what they will look like.


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